Friday, October 8, 2010

two year old hipsters.

So i have decided that i don't believe in 'children's clothes'. And by that i mean clothes that were clearly made with a child's fashion taste in mind. The type of clothes that if you made in adult sizes would never sell because they look childish and ridiculous. There is nothing inherently wrong with these kind of clothes, they just aren't very amusing. I find little kids dressed up in chic, or trendy, grown up clothes both hilarious and adorable. If i have kids i have decided they will only dress in clothes that only the most fashionable and daring adults can pull off in everyday situations.  And to those of you that say children should be able to express themselves and wear what they want, i say, screw you. Being a parent seems hard so i better be able to get my kicks while doing it.

So after i made this decision i started to think about what i would dress my theoretical kids in if i had them right now. It seemed clear to me that the funniest and possibly cutest thing possible would be a two year old boy in one of those plunging v neck tee shirts that hipsters and christian college students are so prone to wearing. I mean the idea of toddler hipsters in general is pretty hilarious. The image seemed so awesome in my head that i took to google images to find such a toddler.