Sunday, February 14, 2010

a small sampling

I was reading the blog of a friend of a friend and was inspired to do this post. The following is a list of things, people, and a few actions that have influenced who i am today for the better or the worse. There are no explanations and there is no particular order as to what comes first or last. Some of these are very large influences, but many if not most of the large influences are not included (so don't expect to see either of my parents, my religion, etc.). This is just for fun.

michael hamilton. Actually... all of the hamiltons.

lake tullouch.

princess mononoke.

applying to be a peer counsellor at washington and lee university.

not having a regular sleep schedule in high school.

phi kappa psi va beta.

driving between southern and norther california with my family many, many, many times.

my mom's chicken 'n dumplings.

The rest of my mom's cooking.

mr. i, my high school calculus teacher.

ikeda sensei, my japanese language professor and so much more.

professor fulcher, my developmental psychology professor.

mrs. thompson, my sixth through eighth grade history and writing teacher.

the disney channel in the 90's. Also, to a lesser extent, nickelodeon.

my violin and sandy mackenga, my violin teacher.

a separate peace.

my fat leg.

alien stories/conspiracy theories.

orson scott card and his books.

youth 'n government.

my jeep wrangler.

the internet.

being a freshman in college when facebook was invented.

the pacific ocean.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Early this morning i opened up the curtains on my bedroom window to be surprised by giant snowflakes falling straight down! I was especially excited about this because i hadn't been paying attention to weather reports for the past few days so i had no idea that there was a chance of snow. The last two times that it was supposed to snow here in new york the weather didn't really deliver (and one was supposed to be a snow storm!), so i am very happy this morning.

I am now going to bundle up and go walk through the neighborhood to this cool little coffee/tea/fresh spices store because i am out of coffee. Once i get back i intend to make some of that coffee and then sit down by the window and right another blog entry. I know. Two entries in one day after like, half a year of no entries! I am being very ambitious.

You can't really see the snow because it was falling too fast for my camera phone, but here are two pictures of my window.

If you are wondering why it looks like my window is looking directly at a wall, it is because it kind of is. My window opens into a small courtyard between two buildings. It means my room is nice and quiet, but doesn't have an amazing view. I kind of like it.